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Thai street style food that is fun, new experience for the unexperienced, it is casual dining, at affordable prices.

Our story

Once upon a time...

There were 2 young thai men who were passionate about brining a taste of their homeland to the people of Christchurch. It took many years of blood sweat and tears but build it they did ! If you build it - they will come. And come they did in droves, never in a million years would they have dreamed it would be a loved as it was. so loved was the Thai Fusion Restaurant that they couldn't feed all the people. So they went ahead and built the people another one !

Now they people have taken it one step further and - taken it to the streets !! "We want thai street food" - Thai st food is in the heart and soul of the young men - so if that's what the people want that's what the people shall have !

With great passion and inspiration they are excited to be the first to bring to Christchurch authentic, affordable thai and the next big thing to hit the food revolution. Thai Street Food Has Arrived !!!